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Type SE
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Video > TV shows
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2006-02-27 06:02:18 GMT


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This is real i dont upload fake shit, wouldnt waste my bandwith for a fake


I don't want to get into a big .rar debate azbox500, but what was your reason for uploading in .rar format? Just a curiousity question.
its left how its meant to be, scene release format
Thanks. Finally a straight answer. Usually when people ask this question it causes such a big debate. So it comes off Tivo this way?
its sposed to be left this way, as it helps keep the file intact so that you dont get errors.

all private trackers require the files to remain like this according to scene rules.

they is slack round here thats all
The Real Thing! This file is NOT fake.

Thanks for the upload and for answering my question azbox5000
Nice one Azbox, and thanks for keeping it in release form.

Filefreak, I'm guessing he's releasing it like this, because, well, that's how the official scene releases looks like.
This episod SUX hard =(
My download was corrupt, -fuck shit- !
"scene release format"
Problem is that people tend to NOT seed for a long time if they can't use the download without unpacking it first...
The "Error" thing is rubbish, Bittorrent use crc-check to verify everything....
/Just a man without indefinate diskspace..
Indeed a VERY bad episode of The Simpsons. Might even be the worst one. Well, for a hint... this is one of the "Lisa"-episodes, then you may guess how bad it is.
It didnt suck that bad. willy is funny.
this episode is ok, but way too much singing! I hate singing on simpsons!
"scene release format" give me a break stupid. anyone can RAR something together, then there's absolutely no guarantee what it contains. you can't pick and choose either and you lose all reseeders. smart idea? not really, only Cargo Cult.
seed please, 92%...........
decent episode thanks for the upload!!!
Mmmm, glad to see I'm not the only one to realise .RAR-releases are SILLY on bittorrent.
Type SE
Magnet link Uploaded Today 13.29, ULed by piratebay HIDE MY IP NOW

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